Coinlife Services

Trade Faster, Simpler & Smarter

CoinLife – A robust platform for you to explore trading regardless of your level of experience.

All-Inclusive Security Approach

Our world-class team of security specialists work around the clock to cover any potential attack, so your investments in cryptocurrency and identity remain safe. Our CoinLife team has decades of experience designing security systems for top brands in the world, investigating the biggest breaches of customer data, creating security solutions trusted by millions of companies and finding flaws in the solutions used by billions of people every day.


Buy & Sell Assets with Ease

Cryptocurrency prices may change rapidly. You need to move in and out of the market quickly to secure maximum profits. Our high liquidity ensures that trade orders are executed quickly, easily and simply at the price you want. The quickest you can sell an asset and as close as possible to your targeted selling price, the more liquidity you can get.

Investor-Friendly Fee Structure

The more you deal, the more our sustainable, investor-friendly fee structure rewards you with minimum commissions. Trading volume is not the only thing affecting liquidity in the cryptocurrency space. Lower commissions will give market makers opportunities to open up more positions. Our creator fees at CoinLife are lowest in the industry-beginning at the minimum commission and going as low as possible!

Best Funding Options

We are dedicated to provide you with minimum fees and a variety of digital and fiat funding options to power your cryptocurrency investments that help to conveniently finance your account wherever you are with low processing times and various funding options. Fast, flexible funding makes it easier than ever to execute crypto-based trades across the world.

24/7 Global Support

In this new era of crypto-based online trading, facing downtime issues implies missed opportunities. Therefore, we take special measures in providing exceptional support at any hour along with 24/7 live chat to reach an efficient solution within zero time. We also try our best in providing a level of support that is unmatched in our industry.

Customized Counter Services

Carry out big trades that will not affect the market with Coinlife Satellites’ customized service. Off the open exchange, our customized counter service online trading happens. We offer greater liquidity and a discreet, more customized service to institutions and high net worth individuals who need to fill large orders that may be too disruptive if they are put at exchanges on the open markets.

Next-Level Trading

Futures contracts are deals to purchase or sell an asset for a fixed price at a later date. Traders usually use them as a way of hedging certain assets or locking in gains while online trading in volatile markets. Prices for futures trading are based on aggregated indices reflecting the demand from a number of exchanges for and cryptocurrency, hence pricing is often straightforward and transparent.

Fast, Secure and Customizable Technology

We use the latest and lightspeed technology to provide secure, low-latency and stable trading enabling you to always make the best exchange. You can easily customize your trading screens, set alarms, place your orders with the blink on an eye and make sure that your trades have major chances of success.

Easy Withdrawal

Coinlife Satellite provides fast withdrawal in the industry. We take hardly 7 working days to process withdrawal requests considering all verification processes and also facilitate various funding options for our customers’ convenience.

Quick Updates

We provide quick market updates so that you don’t miss any trading opportunities and make the most out of your trading skills. Our highly automated platform also lets you check updates on balance, trade, and holding information.